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Oh Snap! I'm pregnant..

Wow I haven't updated this in along time, life as usual has been hectic and I'm 4 months pregnant actually very happy about it. Life actually has become less stressful because I basically quit caring about everyone else and started caring more about myself.
Dropped out of college because I hated it with a burning passion everyday I went there I sat in class with a knot of tension in my stomache, it was not the right college for me at all, that and well I got knocked up. :P
More ignorant bull happened it the past couple months, like my boyfriends sister dated my dad, (way to hillbilly-ish for my taste) then they broke up and have procedeed to try and start drama anyway possible, my cousin sarah basically abandoned her kids, still stuck talking to police and criminal profilers because of the murder case. And none of it means anything to me, because I've realized these people are not my problem
I've always let myself be the person that people only call to bitch to or to ask for a ride or a favor, and guess what it's over. Call it hormones or whatever but I made the decision that those who only call me when they want something aren't worth my time because I'm only focusing on one thing my baby .
It's scary because I sit here and look at those I've called friends and half of them are ignorant and immature, they're never gonna grow up and they're never gonna change.
I also quit smoking pot because 1) I'm pregnant, but I quit way before that the main reason is I'm 18 now and old enough to go to jail, life was different when I was a minor and didn't have to be responsible for my actions or face major consequences.
But anywho I'm gonna wrap this up, but you'll see more of me because I'm an internet junkie, and anymore all myspace does is piss me off.
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