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Look mommy its the bear lady...

I have become a bear, I hibernate most of the day, then replenish myself with yummies and of course empty my bladder, then perhaps I might read for awhile or get on the computer but then I'm asleep again, I can't help it I fall asleep anymore all the time without warning. Napping is my new hobby.
My prenatal vitamins suck big arse, they're huge and have this vanilla-y coating on them so not only are they hard to swallow they make me gag because of their strong taste.
I want barbecued baby back ribs so bad it makes me wanna cry. :*(
All I do at night is think about the food I want, it's sad, because I don't eat to much during the day because of a little thing called morning sickness, blah it sucks and it was supposed to start going away once I hit my second trimester and it hasn't so I'm probably gonna be one of those lucky ladies who get sick through out their entire pregnancy.
Jeremy and I's anniversary is in 4 days, so I'm secretly hoping I get my engagement ring, because my whole familys already planning everything and it's kinda hard to get married if you don't get proposed to first.
Jeremy got called a pirate by this little girl the other day when we went to my ob's and got my ultrasounds done, couldn't tell what sex the baby was though. Oh well I go back for another in 7 weeks and we should know then.
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