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35 more days??
NOOOOOOO.... pout I want her out now. I'm tired of being swollen and tired and hungry all the time.
That and people asking "had that baby yet?" nope I'm just hiding this cantaloupe under my shirt for shits and giggles.
Also the next person who tells me they WANT me to have to go over my due date I'm gonna punch in the face, I'm miserable asshole stop wishing that on me.
I have a crater face, I seriously havent had pimples like this since effing middle school.
That and the damn therapy for my stupid hip that keeps hopping out of place, medievil torture thats what that was. But on a lighter note it did help once the excrutiating pain went away.
Makes we wanna kick jeremy in the balls but I wont because I'm nice.

Also stairs and a full bladder= the devil
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